Meet Kevin Haller

Akene Principal Accountant and Cannabis Advocate


Meet Kevin Haller

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Akene Team

Life long cannabis advocate and CPA

Kevin Haller is a Principal with Akene Consulting, LLC (Akene). He was the visionary, creator, and Chair of his firm’s Cannabis Industry Group, which evolved into Akene, a cannabis consulting firm. He is a CPA providing assurance, compliance, 280e guidance, enterprise risk management, and internal control assessment and documentation to the cannabis industry. Haller is excited to put his more than 15 years of public accounting experience into service aiding entrepreneurs in this dynamic and expanding industry. He is a long-time cannabis advocate whose extensive experience has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the plant lifecycle and end users.

Industry thought leader

Kevin is an active member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Risk Management and Insurance Committees, addressing legislative and logistical initiatives to further benefit the industry. He is a recognized industry thought leader and has been a featured contributor and panelist for the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), the NCIA, and the Silicon Valley Business Journal. In addition, Haller regularly attends cannabis events across the country. His understanding of the cannabis industry, coupled with his professional experience as an accountant, make him a trusted business advisor in both finance and operations.

Strategy, engagement and inspiration

With his proverbial finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry, Kevin hopes to provide not only information and strategies to assist cannabis companies in achieving success, but also to inspire and engage people within and outside of the industry to become informed about the benefits of cannabis and the opportunities for personal and professional achievement.

Check back often

Akene’s blog will leverage Kevin’s knowledge, passion, insight, and experience, as well as his relationships with industry experts, advocates, influencers, and business owners. Content will include information, analyses of vendors and ancillary service providers, and interviews with key industry personalities.