Interview with
Treez Co-Founder
John Yang

Thoughts on TreezPay, social equity efforts and the munchies


Interview with Treez Co-Founder John Yang

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Compliance, Technology

Akene’s Technology Director Sean McLean interviews Treez Co-Founder and CEO John Yang about TreezPay, Social Equity, and his go-to snacks when he gets the munchies.

The conversation includes: the importance of having a full tech stack platform to support 280e and COGS compliance from a Point of Sale perspective; integrations with true MRPs, ERPs (like Sage), and multi entity ledgers; how TreezPay helps with click-to-pay and payment prior to arrival; and the concept that though ACH/debit solutions are not novel, pairing them with good workflow is key. John also discusses how Treez addresses social justice efforts, the importance of inclusive and diverse hiring, unfair treatment due to the War on Drugs, and making election day a holiday.