From testing labs to retail stores to vertically integrated enterprises

and everything in between – Akene Consulting, LLC is ready to help you make your mark in the cannabis industry.


Do you know how much you’re making on your grow?

We develop protocols to accurately capture costs, increase product output, and optimize your yield through grow-plan analysis. This ensures that processes are clear and easy to follow.


Do you have processes documented so you can effectively navigate compliance?

We apply insightful solutions to your processes to capture more accurate and timely information. This makes for increased assurance of regulatory compliance and enhanced clarity and transparency. Compliance becomes a no brainer.


Are you confident about your product tracking?

We map and assess your current processes to identify opportunities to optimize your supply chain solutions.


Is your retail operation efficient and profitable?

We develop clear procedures for employee training, operational effectiveness, predictive planning, inventory management, increased proficiency of software utilization and customer analytics.


Are you delivering accurate and consistent test results every time?

We map operational processes with regulatory compliance built in, creating a system of internal monitoring that mitigates risk.

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